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Over 400 people in India are victims of road fatalities every day. Of this statistic two wheelers account for the highest share in total crashes as well as fatatlities (over 30%) followed by four wheelers with over 24% total crashes & over 20% fatalities.

Source: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

At Succeed Safe, we believe that road safety needs more decisive action.
Globally, countries are moving towards a zero-tolerance policy on accidents and transforming urban and rural road design for safety. Many developed countries are now adopting effective Road Safety Measures like educating its citizens on the importance of and adherence to road safety protocols, regulating speed limits, separation of vulnerable people from motorised traffic, initiating awareness campaigns and measures for road safety at the infrastructure level.

Although road traffic injuries have been a leading cause of mortality for many years, most traffic crashes are both predictable and preventable. Effective and timely interventions administered to the right set of stakeholders can result in making roads safer.

Lives and Limbs are priceless. We believe our programs can make a difference to the society at large and to your organization, in particular.

That is where SucceedSafe comes in

Our combined knowledge and network have enabled us to leverage our collective insight into a set of the best-practices training module. Our training programs, in alignment with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety's Five Pillars, are top-notch. Our mission adopts the three-prong approach– Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Safer Road Users.

Succeed Safe was founded in 2010 by Amol Tope, C.E.O., and co-founded by Rajashree Tope, C.O.O., both certified trainers from Honda, Singapore. Together, they lead a team of trainers and run one of the most respected Road Safety Organization. Impeccable service records, collaborative partnerships, innovations, social initiatives, and community activities are what put Succeed Safe at the top of their game.

Why do you need us?

It's our mission to inculcate Road-Safe Behaviour and make Road Safety non-negotiatable. SucceedSafe is one of the key contributors to the charter set forth by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways with its notable capabilities and unprecedented efforts in the road safety domain.

Succeed Safe can :
  • Create and inculcate a culture of safety, and encourage it as a way of life
  • Promote and propagate techniques of defensive driving
  • Affect a mindset change on collision avoidance
  • Bring about a reduction in the number of crashes and injuries on the road

Adopting comprehensive, systematic, and effective Road Safety Programs is the need of the hour for the Corporate Sector. A road safety training program provides a positive example to employees and the community by educating them on its importance. Succeed Safe incorporates international level safety goals and implements them effectively across all your verticals. Reach us today for a customised proposal for your organisation. Contact Us

We aim to partner with corporates and make an impact in India by aiming to move towards a zero tolerance policy on road crashes and injuries

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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