With over a decade’s expertise in road safety and design, we have been successfully conducting workshops, trainings and evaluations for corporations, institutions and governing bodies.

Our endeavor is to reach out to all road users of the country and the world, with the mission to inculcate road safe behaviour and make Road Safety a Way of Life.

Handlebar training

Behind the handlebar

Defensive riding training for riders on two-wheelers on the road. Learn more...

4 wheeler training

Behind the wheel

Defensive driving training for drivers in four-wheelers on the road. Learn more...

driver training

Driver training

Training programs for various categories of drivers such as those operating heavy vehicles. Learn more...

road safety consulting

Road safety consulting

Root-cause analysis, hazard identification & risk assessment for sites, highways and campuses. Learn more...

driver rider evaluation

Driver-Rider evaluation and assessment

For corporates with fleet on street, irrespective of fleet size, location, or vehicles used.  
Learn more...

road safety workshops

Road safety workshops for employees

Aim to decrease road-related injuries and fatalities, while using public transport.
Learn more...

road safety at schools and colleges

Road safety workshops at schools & colleges

Interactive sessions with children and young adults (CSR norms compliant). Learn more...

workspace safety consulting

Workspace safety consulting 
& training

Environment safety analysis and
risk assessment for avoidance of
accidents. Learn more...

"We aim to partner with corporates and make an impact in India by aiming to move towards a zero tolerance policy on road crashes and injuries"

Our Clients

In our journey of achieving our mission and vision, it is important to align ourselves to the
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behind the handlebar

Behind the handlebar 
Specifically aimed at 2-wheeler riders, our workshop sensitizes participants on behavioural based safety protocols, crash & injury avoidance techniques and best driving practices followed across the world. The objective it to develop and enhance skills to make them safe and responsible road users.

Behind the wheel
This module, aimed at 4-wheeler drivers, empowers participants with defensive driving techniques, and aquaint, instruct and advise them on driving in unsafe and adverse conditions.

They also address concerns on distracted driving, impaired driving, multitasking while driving, complacency while driving and above all unsafe behaviour of other road users.

Behind the wheel

driver training

Driver training
Specially designed for heavy vehicle drivers like those who drive lorries and trucks, this program aims to equip them with defensive driving and road safety information that is relevant to the conditions under which they typically drive.

We undertake training programs for various categories of drivers:

1. Executive driver 
The Corporate leadership teammembers’ drivers are trained on defensive driving skills and driver evaluation & assessment is conducted by Succeedsafe trainers.

2. Heavy vehicle driver
Partnering with the organisation’s logistics team for safe movement of goods and cargo.

3. Forklift driver
Training on safe navigation of forklift within the manufacturing facility

Road safety consulting 
SucceedSafe’s strength, apart from Road Safety Training, is carrying out projects on Road Safety.
They predominantly fall under 2 categories:

a. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
The insights and experience shared by our expert team are diligently sought by government authorities at various stages of highway improvement schemes. We conduct investigations to identify hot spots contributing to the loss of lives on the road. Further, we recommend solutions based on root cause analysis.

b. Post crash investigation & counselling
In the unfortunate event of a collision or accident involving employees in the course of work, we are often roped in to investigate, analyze and offer corrective action for the organization and the employee. This includes offering consultancy services for suggesting infrastructural changes, or trainings to make an impact on the employees.

road safety consulting

"Timely interventions, when administered effectively and to the right set of stakeholders can result in making roads safer."

driver evaluation

Driver evaluation & assessment
We assess drivers on various parameters that include more than just basic driving skills. A driver is a custodian of precious human lives and cargo. We accompany the driver through a drive to determine the performance and the level of adherence to universally accepted safe driving protocols.

We create simulations for a rider to undergo and observe her ride on various parameters and evaluate their lack of riding skills which may cause risk to her life.

This program is meant for 2-wheel, 4-wheel and heavy vehicle drivers.

Road safety workshop for employees 
Just as children need to be aware of safety measures as pedestrians, adults also need to come up to speed with Pedestrian Safety norms.

Public transport modes like buses and trains are widely accessed by employees as a part of their daily commute as well as for specific travel requirements.

SucceedSafe offers training modules for corporate employees who travel via public transport, and lays special emphasis on training for women's safety while traveling.

road safety workshops

road safety at schools and colleges

Road safety workshops at schools & colleges
We conduct age-specific road safety awareness programs in colleges and schools for young adults who are likely to start riding 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers soon.

We conduct interactive sessions with young adults and school children on defensive walking in the form of activities, self-learning and classroom training. The idea behind this initiative is to help them make road safety a habit.

Workspace safety consulting and training
Our years of experience has allowed us many opportunities for this specialized consulting, where organizations, government bodies and institutions involve us in risk assessment of their environments.

We have successfully completed several programs ranging from fire safety assessment to workplace safety assessment and even designing of routes and pathways within campuses. Along with this, we also conduct awareness sessions for employees on ergonomics, slip-trips and falls.

workspace safety consulting

"Road safety education and motivation programs are essential for ensuring drivers continue to stay refreshed with best practices for proper implementation of learnings."

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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