Our vision is to make road safety a way of life by empowering road users with essential survival skills. We aim to educate the road users and elevate their safety experience, thereby contributing to an injury-free society. Safe Driving begins in the mind, it is not a skill, but an attitude. Our training changes minds besides working at Skill level.

Pick from our flagship Road Safety Programs to suit your organisational needs. We will be happy to assist you in totally customising it as per your specifications. Ask us how.

Handlebar training

Behind the handlebar

An in-depth program on two-wheeler riding best practices. Learn more...

4 wheeler training

Behind the wheel

A well-defined program on four-wheel driving best practices. Learn more...

driver rider evaluation

Driver-Rider Assessment

Identifying gaps in driving skills that could endanger lives.  
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driver training

Driver training

A well-defined program for heavy vehicle drivers.
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road safety consulting

Road safety consulting

Projects for Governments & corporates.
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road safety workshops

Road safety for employees

A must-have for public transport safety norms.
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road safety at schools and colleges

Road safety workshops for schools

Age-specific road safety programs.
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workspace safety consulting

Workspace safety training

Customised corporate consulting for safer premises. Learn more...

"We aim to partner with corporates and make an impact in India by aiming to move towards a zero tolerance policy on road crashes and injuries"

Our Clients

In our journey of achieving our mission and vision, it is important to align ourselves to the
right partners and gain the trust of a clientele with a matched mindset.

Here is a glimpse of some of our most successful partnerships

behind the handlebar

Defensive Riding (B.T.B. – Behind the Handlebar)  
An in-depth program on two-wheeler riding best practices.

  • Educates on the safety parameters to avoid collisions or near misses
  • Establishes the need for absolute vehicle control to reduce an occupational hazard
  • Addresses the high risks involved that could be fatal or cause severe injury
  • Modules have resulted in a drastic decline in riding mishaps in many organisations, client testimonials and participant feedback vouch for the same

Defensive Driving (B.T.W. – Behind the Wheel)
A well-defined program on four-wheel driving best practices.

  • Reinforces behavioural-based safety protocols and injury avoidance techniques
  • Addresses concerns on distracted driving and complacency behind the wheel
  • Acquaints, instructs, and advises on driving in unsafe and adverse conditions
  • Custom designed modules resulted in responsible driving and behavioural safety protocols

Behind the wheel

driver evaluation

Driver/Rider Evaluation and Assessment
Identifying the lack of driving and riding skills that could cause health concerns or endanger lives.

  • Evaluates driver on multiple parameters
  • Determines performance and safety adherence to globally accepted driving protocols
  • Creates simulations to observe and assess driver holistically
  • Establishes strengths and offers solutions to areas critical to their safety

driver training

Driver training
Everything that you need to know when you are behind the wheels.

  • Executive Driver
  • We evaluate and train your corporate leadership team-members' drivers on defensive driving approach and skills.

  • Heavy Vehicle Driver
  • We partner with your organisation's logistics team to provide training for the safe movement of goods and cargo.

  • Forklift Driver
  • We instruct on the safe navigation of forklifts within your manufacturing facility.

"Timely interventions, when administered effectively and to the right set of stakeholders can result in making roads safer."

Road safety consulting 
Our other vertical apart from Road Safety Training is consulting and executing Road Safety Projects. Government authorities actively seek our collective experience and team insights at various stages of highway improvement schemes. Our consultation predominantly falls under two categories:

a) Root Cause Analysis

  • Post crash investigations to identify unsafe behavior causing injuries
  • Reduction or elimination of risks through awareness and corrective action

b) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

  • Conduct investigations to identify on-road hotspots causing loss of lives
  • Suggest implementation of corrective actions

road safety consulting

Road safety workshop for employees 
A must-have for pedestrian safety norms.

  • Imparts Training for safe travelling by public transport
  • Emphasises on women's safety while travelling
  • Ensures your daily commute is safe and secure, organically

road safety workshops

road safety at schools and colleges

Road Safety Workshop for Educational Institutions
Age-specific road safety awareness programs for young adults.

  • Addresses young adults in educational institutes on defensive driving
  • Conducts interactive sessions on defensive walking via fun activities and classroom learning
  • Educates parents and teachers as equal partners in spreading awareness on road safety
  • Inculcates Road Safety as an ideal self-protection habit

Workspace safety consulting and training
Customised corporate consulting for safer premises.

  • Assess and identify the risks in the present work environment
  • Avail from our multiple flagship programs like Fire Safety Assessment
    and Safe Route and Pathway Designing to name a few
  • Participate in awareness sessions on ergonomics, slip-trips and falls.

workspace safety consulting

"Road safety education and motivation programs are essential for ensuring drivers continue to stay refreshed with best practices for proper implementation of learnings."

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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