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Rajashree Tope

"Women are bad drivers ..."

Don't ever let our co-founder Rajashree Tope catch you saying this, and you are about to find out why. 'Luckily for me, the roads beckoned, and I became an exception to the rule, despite the misconception about women drivers' , she adds with a twinkle in her eyes. Our resident daredevil, Rajashree conquered the dirt tracks way back in the '80s as a member of the Pune Automotive Racing Association (PARA). Her love for racing was well known. Getting behind the wheels gave her wings, and she flaunted them proudly. Her love for life and penchant for the performing arts also saw her dabble in television and theatre under the tutelage of stalwarts like Pandit Satyadev Dubey, Jaydev Hattangadi, Chetan Datar, and Shanta Gokhale.

Even as the going was good, life presented her with another opportunity to combine both her passions. She realised that road safety management was a huge challenge in our cities, and no one was tapping that sector. Also, she knew that people don't like to be told what to do. Ergo, her theatrical skills came in handy. As her love for ruling the roads and her innate storytelling abilities came together, Succeed Safe took birth. And life was never the same. Being a thorough professional, led Rajashree to get herself certified by the internationally acclaimed Honda Training School, Singapore.

Amol Tope

"Men resist change ..."

Mention that to our founder and C.E.O., Amol Tope, and he gives you an all-knowing smile. 'When life hands you lemons, use them any way you like, but always remember to plant the seeds. That way you learn to grow with change', he states in a matter-of-fact tone. Amol strongly believes that adapting to new challenges is what life's all about. And so at the end of a decade-long road, he recognised his chrysalis moment and took that leap of faith. That one decision changed his life forever.

Amol has trained at Honda, Singapore, on road safety. Subsequently, his road safety module for Johnson & Johnson became the benchmark for the Asia Pacific region. Mr Supratim Bose, Group Chairman Asia Pacific, was then the champion of the SAFE Fleet initiative for the region. Amol was one of the founder members of the project. Mr Bose's encouragement and unwavering faith were instrumental in Amol's plunge into the world of road safety.

Amol's association with prominent names in the industry egged him to craft Succeed Safe in 2010. He was quick to realise that having a license did not equate to being a responsible driver. And being an accountable driver did not ensure being accident-proof. The path was straightforward; elevate success by educating about safety. Long story short, Succeed Safe soon metamorphosed into a leading authority in Road Safety Programmes known for its impeccable service, collaborative partnerships, continual innovations, social initiatives and CSR activities.

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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