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Johnson & Johnson's Safe Fleet signature initiative is considered a gold standard across the world and in India. This initiative launched over 25 years ago in the US to address the injuries caused to its employees due to the occupational hazard of driving for work. 

Mission Zero

The journey to "Mission Zero" — zero fatalities, zero injuries, zero crashes is a strong commitment at J&J. The genesis of SAFE Fleet stems from a powerful CREDO that Johnson & Johnson holds as one of its most sacrosanct raison d'être. Health and Safety are one of the core business values at J&J, and hence "all drivers to return home safe at the end of every single day" is the bottom line of the Safe Fleet program.

SucceedSafe has been fortunate to partner with J&J in rolling out various Safe Fleet initiatives to its employees - across functions, hierarchy, locations, and other stakeholders since 2010.

Two-Wheeler Defensive Riding training workshop for manufacturing and sales functions has resulted in the behaviour modification amongst younger employees. This training has resulted in sustainable, safe behaviour and attitudinal changes while riding. Four-Wheeler defensive driving workshop has been an "eye-opener" for most in terms of imbibing the international best practices of "Accident - Avoidance". Learnings from both the sessions are sustainable also because of "experiential - simulation" activities conducted outdoors. These practical sessions help employees internalise classroom learnings and make a difference on the road from not causing or being a victim of road injury despite other road users' unsafe behaviour.

SucceedSafe, through training interventions, projects, and consultancy on road safety-related matters, has been delivering results over the past ten years.

SucceedSafe with J&J

SucceedSafe team comprises trainers certified by International accredited certifying authorities. One of the team members has been an ex–J&J employee and a founding member of Safe Fleet - Team India Johnson and Johnson in 2002. Before J&J, he has been a corporate trainer at one of the TATA organizations that have helped to facilitate behavioural changes through training interventions.

J&J, through Safe Fleet team members have reached out to serve the Indian Army, Traffic Police, and a few corporate multi-nationals as part of their community outreach programmes. These Defensive Riding and Driving sessions made the training module robust, relevant, and above all, effective in driving down injuries at J&J.

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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