Government Authorities

Collaboration with the Armed Forces
It was an absolute honour for Succeed Safe to be associated with the Indian Army (Akhnoor and Pathankot) and Paramilitary Forces such as the Rapid Action Force (R.A.F.). We were recognised for our in-depth Defensive Driving training sessions with classroom and practical modules conducted across Mumbai, J&K, Pathankot. The pride to contribute to the well being of our armed forces is a badge we wear with pride. Who wouldn't?

Collaboration with the Traffic Police Team
The Mumbai traffic team is the lifeline of the city. Succeed safe felt it imperative to do something for our unsung heroes. Ergo, we rolled out sessions on Road Safety for the Mumbai Traffic Police at various police stations and trained over 1000 traffic police personnel. Our Road Safety Awarenessevent helped trained their families on road safety guidelines, with the focus on generating awareness on the usage of helmets by pillion riders, particularly children. We are glad we could contribute in a significant way for the safety of the Mumbai Traffic Police.

Succeed Safe, with its notable capabilities and unprecedented efforts in road safety domain is proud to be associated with Indian Army, Mumbai Traffic Police and Rapid Action Force.

Infrastructure Road consultancy
Succeed Safe honestly believes that Road safety ought to be a wayof life. Hence, we conduct investigations to identify hotspots contributing to theloss of lives on the road and recommend effective solutions post-assessment.
One of the concessionaires in South India hired Succeed Safe to inspect and analyse a problematic stretch of 100Km. We reported our insights and findings to the Superintendent of Police and the Area District Collector. Based on root cause analysis and the strong evidencebacking, they implemented our recommendations on corrective actions. We believe we have contributed to accident avoidance and safer roads, yet again. And that is why we love what we do.

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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