This is a story we love to tell about how the universe conspired to make a good thing happen. Our flagship program conducted in Abbott India and Abbott TrueCare Pharma in 2011-12 was a resounding success. It resulted in a drastic 60% reduction in the number of crashes and collisions among trainees. The E.H.S. Head of India was called and felicitated in the U.S.A. for the remarkable program accomplishment.

Succeed Safe was recognised for its contribution, and Team U.S.A. then connected us to their Vietnam division. As a two-wheeler city, Vietnam came with a host of challenges, language being one of them. However, with the help of a local translator and slide decks in both English and Vietnamese, we rolled out our sessions.

This 1000 people division had a minimum of 2-3 injuries every month. Post our session, that number dipped to 2-3 crashes in 15 months and Succeed Safe received a certificate for this Success Story. Now you know why we love narrating this tale.

It was a privilege for Succeed Safe to partner with the pharmaceutical giant Abbott for their EHS US initiative for educational institutions. Under the United Nation's Decade of Action for Road Safety, we adopted two schools in Dharavi, Mumbai. We worked closely with teachers, students, and parents of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidyalay and Raje Shivaji Vidyalay.

The Youth Centric Safety Agenda saw our mission to inculcate Road-Safe Behaviour and make Road Safety a way of life. Together, we worked on increasing student involvement and participation through fun learning activities like drawing, craft, dance, plays, music, and road rallies blending it with the conventional style of learning. We rolled out this initiative for three years, and the participants were all first-generation learners. Upon completion of the project, the pre and post-assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices showed a considerable drop in road injuries to these school children. The pride and joy to be a part of this marvellous program remain unparalleled to date.

We also conducted a Pedestrian Safety event near the manufacturing plant of Abbott Nutrition, in Jhagadia, Gujarat.

SucceedSafe, through training interventions, projects, and consultancy on road safety-related matters, has been delivering results over the past ten years.

Over the years we have formulated several standard programs, which are applicable to almost all organizations. We have designed these programs on the foremost principles of safety and work towards helping organizations and participants apply these concepts to their respective environments.


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