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Road Safety Consulting

SucceedSafe’s strength, apart from Road Safety Training, is carrying out Projects on Road Safety. They predominantly fall under 2 categories: 

a.    Root Cause Analysis 
The insights and experience shared by our expert team are diligently sought by government authorities at various stages of highway improvement schemes.
We conduct investigations to identify hot-spots contributing to the loss of lives on the road. Further, we recommend solutions based on root cause analysis. 

In one such project for one of the concessionaires in South India, involving a stretch of 100Km, our insights and findings were supported by the Superintendent of Police and the District Collector of that area. Based on root cause analysis with strong evidence backing, our recommendations on corrective actions were then implemented by them. 

b.    Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
Our scope of work involves addressing pedestrian safety concerns of corporates for their employees. We conduct on-site assessments, recommend effective solutions through customized training leading to a reduction in injuries to their employees.