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Pedestrian and Public Transport Safety

Some facts about pedestrian safety (Source: Pedestrian Safety Manual, WHO)

Each year, more than 2,70,000 pedestrians lose their lives on roads, across the world. Globally, pedestrians constitute 22% of all road fatalities, and in some countries, this proportion is as high as two thirds. These incidents result in a personal loss as well as cause economic hardship for families and other stakeholders. Pedestrian collisions are predictable and preventable. The key risks to pedestrians are driver behavior (e.g. drinking and driving) and infrastructural deficiencies like no sidewalks, exposed manholes, lack of dividers on the roads, etc. Reduction or elimination of the risks faced by pedestrians is important and achievable through awareness and training. Proven interventions exist, yet in many locations, pedestrian safety has yet to attract the attention it merits.

Children walking to school is a significant cause for concern
Chaotic traffic on the roads poses a threat to peoples’ lives, as pedestrians, when vehicles ply haphazardly in either direction. Rarity of footpaths and pedestrian crossings add to the mayhem and compel us to use the road itself for walking. 


SucceedSafe’s endeavor towards pedestrian safety

Our Defensive Walking Session sensitizes participants on behavioral-based safety strategy, crash & injury avoidance techniques and best walking practices. These modules empower participants with defensive walking techniques and best practices.


As a part of our collaboration with Corporates towards the implementation of their CSR initiatives, we adopt schools for the purpose of implementing a comprehensive road safety mandate.  We approach schools and conduct age-specific road safety awareness programs in their premises. Our efforts are backed by various corporates under their CSR policy in support of the United Nation’s Decade of Action for Road Safety. We conduct interactive sessions with school children on Defensive Walking in the form of activities, self-learning and classroom training. The idea behind this initiative is to help them make road safety a habit. 


Just as children need to be aware of safety measures as pedestrians, adults also need to come up to speed with Pedestrian Safety norms. Going ahead, Succeed Safe would like to conduct training sessions across age groups with pedestrian safety as the key focus. Public transport modes like buses, trains, aircraft, and ships are widely accessed by employees as a part of their daily commute as well as for specific travel requirements. SucceedSafe offers customized training modules for corporate employees traveling on work by trains, buses, radio taxis with a special emphasis on women's safety during traveling. In addition to this, we cater to the travel-related safety requirements of employees on regular international travels. We conduct customized training sessions on safety awareness in the areas of air travel, surface travel and maritime travel.