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Defensive Driving (BTW – Behind the Wheel)

If you drive to your workplace, then we are talking to you!

Today, safety on the road is becoming uncertain and the increasing number of vehicles, a sheer menace. We have developed a training module on ‘Defensive Driving’ that acquaints, instructs and advises on driving in unsafe and adverse conditions. It also addresses concerns on distracted driving, impaired driving, multitasking while driving, complacency while driving and above all unsafe behavior of other road users.


Defensive Driving-a survival skill in today’s world

Our workshop sensitizes participants on behavioral-based safety protocols, crash & injury avoidance techniques and best driving practices followed across the world. These modules empower participants with defensive driving techniques and best learnings. We take them through a theory session along with practical training for skill based experiential learning.


A skill for a lifetime

Our Defensive Driving Training for corporates has shown drastic decline in number of injuries, crashes and near misses for the organizations, within India as well as at an international level. We have carefully designed modules to suit every organization. An investment in defensive driving training will lead to the safety of the company’s employees as well as the vendor company’s drivers from injury on road. This will inculcate a safety-driven environment and lay a foundation for building a safety culture. We ensure that safety becomes a way of life.