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CSR  Initiatives (Senapati Tatya Tope Foundation)

Need-Based Program - SucceedSafe took up a core need-based project for a multinational pharmaceutical company under their EHS initiative in educational institutions for a period of three years.

Under the United Nation’s Decade of Action for Road Safety, SucceedSafe partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company to adopt two schools in Dharavi, Mumbai. We closely worked with teachers, students, and their parents, interacting, teaching, empowering and spreading awareness on road safety. Various fun learning activities like drawing, craft, dance, plays, music, road rallies along with the conventional style of learning on road safety were adopted to increase student involvement and participation.  Pre and Post assessment of the knowledge, attitude, and practices were conducted. Upon completion of the three-year project, there was a considerable drop in road injuries to these school children.  

SucceedSafe partners with Senapati Tatya Tope Foundation (STTF) for the implementation of CSR initiatives. Reach out to us and know more about these initiatives.