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Corporate Training on defensive riding /defensive driving  

  • J&J - Defensive driving and riding training across locations/ hierarchy/ functions.

  • Abbott - Training and assessment for field-force team members across India.

  • Trained 3A (Abbott Vietnam) Employees

  • Astra Zeneca - Defensive driving and riding training across locations and driver evaluation. Further, commercial drivers were assessed and trained. Post-training, the results have been significantly impactful leading to reductions of road traffic injuries to their employees.

  • Becton Dickinson - Training of field force-team members across locations. Defensive Driving and Riding Training Workshops conducted for field force across locations.

  • Castrol - Training and assessment for EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) leadership team members


CSR – Senapati Tatya Tope Foundation

(STTF is SucceedSafe‘s foundation which partners with corporates for their CSR  initiative)


  • ICICI Lombard - We partnered with ICICI Lombard for four consecutive years for their signature CSR initiative ‘Ride to Safety.’ Under this engagement, SucceedSafe conducted sessions for students, parents, and teachers on road safety and the use of helmets in particular.

  • STTF along with ICICI Lombard recorded a significant achievement in the area of  Road Safety on January 31, 2019. STTF trained 5000 school students over a period of one month on Road Safety and the importance of wearing Helmets as pillion rider.

  • STTF is recognized for its valued contribution in setting the Guinness World Record of ‘Largest gathering of people wearing helmets‘ on January 31, 2019.

  • Another remarkable achievement by STTF is in the field of Health and Wellness. STTF is recognized for its valued contribution in setting the Guinness World Record of ‘ 1526 Number of Eye Tests Conducted in an hour across multiple venues‘ on December 15, 2017.

  • We have partnered with 74 schools in 4 years with a mission to drive "Road Traffic Injury" to Zero.


In the past we have undertaken the following helmet distribution and training projects:


Helmet for Kids as Pillion Riders:

Partnering with ICICI Lombard for the last four years with their CSR activity, we identified students and parents (Having 2-wheeler riding license). We have conducted training sessions for underserved and underprivileged students as well as parents on the importance of wearing Helmets and the adherence to Road Safety Protocols.

Total helmets distributed so far:

Our Foundation has conducted sessions on Wellness across schools in Mumbai with water purifiers installation


Deloitte - Employee engagement sessions conducted on Deloitte’s ‘Impact Day,’ which is their CSR Day, for three years. Some of the activities undertaken are:

•    Multi-lingual storytelling sessions

•    A debate for young children on relevant social issues

•    Poetry enactment

  • Road safety training  through games, activities, stories, videos in selected  schools


Abbott - The Pedestrian Safety Campaign was conducted for three consecutive years for over 2000 students of schools in Dharavi under the banner of the United Nations Decade of Action, sponsored by Abbott. Our interventions involved classroom training, coloring and slogan competition, pre and a post-quiz on road safety, conceptualizing song and dance on the theme of the pedestrian crossing, partnering with local traffic police for road rallies and other awareness initiatives. Pre and Post assessment on knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) were conducted.

Post the three-year project; there has been a considerable drop in road injuries to the school children.

We conducted a “Pedestrian Safety event“ for the underprivileged students near the manufacturing plant of  Abbott in Jagadia, Gujarat.


Educational Institutes - We regularly do sessions on road safety in various educational institutions- S.I.E.S., Times MBA School, Bal Bharti School, Kharghar, KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum to name a few. Going ahead we endeavor to strengthen our relationships with the schools that we have worked with over the years, whilst bringing more schools and educational institutions onto our Road Safety platform, the Youth Centric Safety Agenda.


Recognition and Awards: Timeline represents significant events and recognitions for SucceedSafe and the Senapati Tatya Tope Foundation (STTF)

Trained Over 63,000 Trainees_ Individual