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SucceedSafe believes that it is time for more assertive action on road safety. We commit our combined knowledge and network to promote road safety—we look forward to collaborating with Corporates to do the same. To leverage our collective insight and experience, we have developed a set of best practices training modules for companies to employ. In alignment with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety’s Five Pillars, we aim to assist companies with best practice processes for road safety, through corporate programs to address road safety management, safer roads, safer road users and pedestrians.

From the very beginning, SucceedSafe is envisioned as an organization built on the foundation of thorough knowledge, extensive and relevant experience, and imbibing the best safety practices followed around the world with an underlying philosophy of caring for road user’s lives.


Further, SucceedSafe’s road safety related endeavor addresses one of the cardinal legal requirements of the country viz. ensuring “Right to Life” under article 21, as the fundamental right under the Constitution of India. Over 400 people in India are vitims of road fatalities every day. Of this statistic, over 27 are children and young adults (below 18 years of age). (Source: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways)


As per the WHO’s World Report on Child Injury Prevention, the number of children injured or disabled as a result of road traffic crashes worldwide is estimated to be around 10 million each year. Recent estimates from South-East Asia suggest that for every child who dies, 254 need hospital treatment – four of whom are left with a permanent disability. When we consider the Constitutional Rights from a child’s perspective, ensuring her/his ‘’Right to Education’’ (Article 21A) is of paramount importance. Even a minor injury in a road crash , in case of a child, can result in loss of time at school/ educational institution.


Amol Tope, Founder & CEO, SucceedSafe, is a leading authority in the sphere of Corporate Training and Safety programmes. He has been associated with some of the prominent names in the industry, in addition to his over a decade-long career with Johnson & Johnson. Amol’s belief that ‘’success and safety go hand in hand’’ has resulted in the emergence of this unique venture.


SucceedSafe is driven by its Motto, “To sustain Success, Safety is imperative.” Established in 2010, Succeed Safe is co-founded by Rajashree Tope, COO. She brings with her expertise in the field of Performing Arts, Speech and Drama, Story Telling apart from effective management skills 

SucceedSafe is led by Honda Certified Trainers who over time have gathered rich experience in Road Safety Training. Today Succeed Safe has grown to become one of the respected Road Safety Organizations by its service records, collaborative partnerships, innovations and CSR activities.

Our Mission

To empower road users with survival skills by making road safety a habit. We endeavor to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable road users by helping them remain injury free through our interventions.